Adult Bible Fellowship

Our Adult Bible Fellowships (ABF’s), are a place to belong, and find friends immediately. The ABF’s are used for two primary purposes.
1st, they are arranged in such a way as to give helpful Bible teaching, that is practical to everyday life.
2nd, they allow you to get to know other people in a similar stage of life.
Because they are ordered in this manner, other’s you will have opportunities to fellowship with, understand the particular joys and struggles you are encountering on a daily basis. Each of our ABF leaders have experience in the life-stage they are teaching, and therefore, have the ability to give helpful, thought out, answers from both the Bible and personal experience!
For more details please go to our Adult Bible Fellowships

Nursery Ministry

During every service, top-notch nursery care is provided! Every team member is qualified, background checked, and excited about caring for every child who comes through our doors.
We are excited to be able to offer high-quality care from our compassionate and friendly nursery team!

Preschool Ministry – 3-5 years

Our preschool class meets in a room specifically prepared for them. You will find a fun and bright atmosphere, with teachers who are excited to work with the children! The classroom boasts an indoor play-set which provides an opportunity for children to expend their abundant energy! Their teachers will teach the exciting stories of the Bible in an age appropriate manner, helping them to learn the importance of loving God, obeying their parents, and having a good attitude (even when they are told “no”)!

Kid City Classes

Every Sunday Morning we have excellent teachers who teach our “Kid’s City” classes. These classes are designed for children from 3 yrs. Through 6th Grade, with different classes designed for the different age groups! Kids love learning the Bible in exciting ways, and in their “Kid City Class” that is exactly the opportunity they will have!

Master’s Club Kids Ministry

Meeting Wednesdays at 7:00 pm.
Master’s Club is a discipleship ministry designed for children of all ages. There are three separate classes which make up our “club.” The first class is called the “Little Lambs” and is made up of children from 3-5 years of age. After graduating from the “Little Lambs” class, they move into the “Scouts” class, which is designed for those in grades 1-3. The final class they will have an opportunity to enjoy is for children in the 4-6th grades, and is called the “Ambassadors” class.
In the Master’s Club children are taught how to obey the Bible in practical daily life. As they complete different assigned tasks they earn badges which can be placed on their Master’s Club Vest! Each assignment is designed for the age of the class and varies from memorizing a verse, to coloring a picture, to washing dishes for mom and dad!
Don’t miss the opportunity to let your child be a part of this exciting club of kids, who are learning to follow Jesus together!

Sunday Morning Rally Time

Each week in Rally Time the children have an opportunity to sing rousing kid’s songs, play games, and hear a Bible Lesson along with fun object lessons to help the Bible Principles become memorable for the children!

419 Teens

Sundays at 11am and Wednesdays at 7pm.
The youth group brings a sense of life and excitement to our church family. The 419 Teen Group, is made up of teenagers from 7th – 12th grades and provides a fun and constructive atmosphere as we partner with parents to help young people stay on the right track through these important and formative years.
It is our desire to develop teenagers who have a biblical balance, and are therefore spiritually, emotionally and relationally healthy. At Liberty we strive to maintain a Christ-centered youth ministry which will prepare teenagers to be godly, and productive adults!

Life Groups

In the early New Testament Church believers enjoyed a community together. They compassionately cared for one another while serving Jesus together as a church family. They literally “did the Christian life together.” They grew in their understanding of God’s Word – Together. They built healthy relationships – Together. They impacted their world with the liberty found in the Gospel – Together. They provided a place to find love and acceptance – Together!
At LBC, these communities of believers doing life together are called Life Groups!
Life Groups are an extension of our Adult Bible Fellowships. Life groups are small groups within the Bible Fellowship Classes which meet together every four to six weeks in a more relaxed setting. In a Life Group you will find closer friendships, more frequent interaction, and a safe place for questions and more personal prayer requests to be shared.
The Life Groups generally meet outside of church, and function as a group of friends gathering in a home to play games, eat snacks, and enjoy relaxed friendships together. The Life Groups have a spiritual emphasis as well, providing an opportunity to discuss and ask questions over topics recently studied in your Adult Bible Fellowship.

Discipleship Ministry

The Continue Discipleship Ministry is an opportunity to learn Bible Principles, which will help you to Continue in your faith. This is designed as a study including fourteen lessons from the Bible and how to use them in your life. You will also have a chance to experience a personal one-on-one mentorship relationship with a trained mentor!


The LBC Choir enjoys singing songs filled with praise which bring excitement to our worship of the Lord! Our goal is to please God while stirring the hearts of people to Glorify Him!


Greeters Ministry

One of the first people you will meet when you visit Liberty, will be someone who is serving in our Greeters Ministry! This is a team of people who will help to answer questions, and direct you to the places you will want to go.
If you have children, you won’t have to wander around looking for the right place, a greeter will help you find the right rooms, meet the teachers, and answer any questions you may have about the classroom or teacher.
Need to find a comfortable place to sit, or a prime location in the auditorium for the service, our greeters and ushers will help you find the perfect location to enjoy the service, class, or event you are attending!

Grounds Care Ministry

Our Grounds Care Team works to make sure our property reflects Christ every Sunday. The grass is cut in the summer, and the snow is removed from the parking lot and sidewalks in the winter. It is our desire that you are able to safely enjoy your time at LBC no matter what weather we may encounter!

Facility Care Ministry

This team of devoted volunteers works to ensure the inside of the building is clean and prepared for every service and activity.