We have three Adult Bible Fellowship Classes which meet every Sunday Morning AT 10:00 AM.

Home Builder’s Fellowship

The Home Builder’s Fellowship class focuses on the development of strong relationships in the home. Do you have questions concerning the rearing of your children? Have you wondered how to strengthen the relationship with your spouse? Do you wonder why your relationships are not stronger, and longer lasting?
Find the answers to these, and many more practical questions in the Home Builder’s Adult Bible Fellowship!

True North Fellowship

In the True North Fellowship, you will find a friendly, welcoming group of people who gather each week to study the Bible together. Join us as we discover how to have a deeper walk with God and grow in our personal relationship with Jesus. The True North Fellowship is designed to help you better understand God, and how to grow in your love for Him, as you better understand His love for you!

Calvary Fellowship

The Calvary Fellowship is made up primarily of the life-stage of those over 60.
Each ABF extends beyond the walls of Liberty Baptist Church; however, this class is built of those who love to spend time together throughout the week.
In the Calvary class you will have the opportunity to make friends, grow together in Christ, and listen to Bible Teaching specifically applied to this life-stage. Join the Calvary class for some coffee, and Bible study every Sunday Morning!

Life Groups

In the early New Testament Church believers enjoyed a community together. They compassionately cared for one another while serving Jesus together as a church family. They literally “did the Christian life together.” They grew in their understanding of God’s Word – Together. They built healthy relationships – Together. They impacted their world with the liberty found in the Gospel – Together. They provided a place to find love and acceptance – Together!
At LBC, these communities of believers doing life together are called Life Groups!
Life Groups are an extension of our Adult Bible Fellowships. Life groups are small groups within the Bible Fellowship Classes which meet together every four to six weeks in a more relaxed setting. In a Life Group you will find closer friendships, more frequent interaction, and a safe place for questions and more personal prayer requests to be shared.
The Life Groups generally meet outside of church, and function as a group of friends gathering in a home to play games, eat snacks, and enjoy relaxed friendships together. The Life Groups have a spiritual emphasis as well, providing an opportunity to discuss and ask questions over topics recently studied in your Adult Bible Fellowship.